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Percy Jackson Map, Wood Engraved Camp Half-Blood Map

Percy Jackson Map, Wood Engraved Camp Half-Blood Map

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Medium map is 7.5 in x 11.25 in (shown in pics)
Large map is 11 in x 15.8 in

Introducing our beautifully crafted wood engraved Camp Half-Blood map - the perfect addition to any Percy Jackson fan's collection!

Made from high-quality maple ply, the map is carefully engraved to showcase the map of Camp Half-Blood, with all the key locations from the Percy Jackson series clearly marked.

Available in two sizes, both of which are perfect to display on a wall or shelf. It does not come with hanging hardware, but since it's lightweight, it hangs easily with Command strips or the like.

The map is engraved on maple which means it has light colored wood grain. And although we try to use unblemished pieces of maple, maps might have small knots or imperfections since they are engraved on real wood.

The map comes with a wood border (walnut pieces on the map’s edges).

Since the map is cut and engraved with a laser, it will have a pleasant campfire smell that will dissipate in time.

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