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D&D Dice Tray Coasters, 20 Choices (13 Classes + Others), DnD / Pathfinder / Tabletop RPG Gaming Coasters

D&D Dice Tray Coasters, 20 Choices (13 Classes + Others), DnD / Pathfinder / Tabletop RPG Gaming Coasters

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Wood Dice Tray Coasters for Tabletop RPG Games (D&D, Pathfinder)

Introducing our beautiful wood dice coasters / small dice trays - the perfect addition to your tabletop gaming setup! Crafted from two layers of high-quality maple ply, these coasters are not only durable but also stylish.

With a unique design, these coasters come equipped with spots to keep your dice secure and within easy reach, making them perfect for any dice game. The drink spot ensures that your drink stays in place, preventing any spills and keeping your table clean. Or, instead of a coaster, it can be used as a small rolling tray - as long as your rolls aren't too enthusiastic :)

These wood dice coasters are not only functional but also a statement piece, adding a touch of fancy fun to any gaming session. The natural wood finish makes each coaster one-of-a-kind, showcasing the beauty of the wood grain.

Invest in a set of these wood dice coasters today and elevate your game night experience while protecting your table and enjoying your favorite drink.

Each coaster measures 5.8 inches across at the points. Each layer is about 1/4" thick, creating a 1/2" thick coaster. They have a thin layer of cork on the bottom to keep them from sliding around.

*If you purchase 6 or more, we will upgrade to priority mail at time of shipping for no additional cost.

*Dice coaster accessories shown in the pictures are sold separately.

*Cider, dice, books, map, and minis are not included with purchase. You probably know this, but we wanted to cover the bases!

*The coasters are sprayed with a matte clear coat to help prevent rings from moisture, but there's still a chance rings can happen depending on the amount, frequency, and length of time liquids sit on the coasters.

*Icon graphics come from Stitchbird Graphics.

*Laser cutting the designs into the wood give each piece a pleasant campfire smell that dissipates in time.

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