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Critical Role Vox Machina D&D Coasters, Set of 8

Critical Role Vox Machina D&D Coasters, Set of 8

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Classy wood coaster set for DnD / Critical Role / Vox Machina fans! A great way to display your nerdy side through your home décor.

Set includes 8 coasters and a storage box made from maple veneered wood. Coasters are large (4 inches square), each with a different engraved image. Each coaster has a thin layer of cork on the bottom to keep them from sliding around. They can also be purchased without the box.

*The coasters are sprayed with a clear coat to help prevent rings, but there's still a chance rings can happen depending on the amount, frequency, and length of time liquids sit on the coasters.

*Laser cutting and engraving the wood gives each piece a pleasant campfire smell that dissipates in time.

*Images provided by CriticalFailures

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